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on the call to. nine thirty pm in moscow here are the headlines u.s. staples libyan opposition hopes of recognizing of recognition as the country's legitimate government washington also holds off dispersing more money to the rebels and nato claims colonel gadhafi is time is up and pledges to force him to stop fighting but in a defined address libya's leader says foreign forces will never reach him. russia launches an official countdown for the next winter olympics which will kick off on
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its soil crowds are out to celebrate a thousand days to go until the grand opening. up next we explore what's behind wiki leaks dream of a world free of secrets our special report coming up. the website which links what's kept upping the hydrants if that's the last. name is chile and some still think that that kind of secret agent and watch out of the bag which exists under attack. he says he has a dream a world without secrets the first step in the vault of the institute to get information out about the real world today anyone can find out what information the government the military and bankers of kept under lock and key secrecy is the biggest. going to be able to martyrs or is wiki leaks the dream of an idealist or
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a tool to manipulate global politics through and words on and on anger. what motivates julian assange does he want to change the world or is he just seeking fame does he get it on his own or is someone else behind wiki leaks and will it whistle blowing revelations change the world forever. tunis january twentieth a decision with millions of residents descends into chaos thousands of protesters take to the streets in downtown genius to demand the immediate resignation of president ben ali who has ruled the country for over twenty three years after several days of tension has resulted in bloodshed ben ali had to flee the capital on january the fifteenth is. that the events that took
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place in the north african country in january were immediately dubbed the jasmine revolution of the choosing and coup also has another name on the wiki revolution. this man is a professor at one of the universities in tunis. as a political activist and prefers to be known by his nickname. he didn't take part in the attacks on government buildings but he said to be one of the main driving forces of the revolution. after registering his website kenya leaks he began posting material concerning choosier from diplomatic cables in arabic and french the cables were made public by julian assange in the person of twenty ten. at the first time with just seventy seven thousand documents and then we've got others. the sensation as i said it was surely ferdie very very interesting to note the true facts that the us government is waiting. to leave the
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us government was. really not supposed to finale for human rights violation. discontent with a president who had lingered in power for too long had been brewing in tunisia for quite some time public anger erupted after students mohamed was easy set himself on fire and publish stories of runaway corruption eroding the top echelon of the tunisian government. after when. i came in and. did what he did. i think tunisia was nature to. to start to change what's happened in tunisia and also in egypt and it's happening in a few other places these diplomatic cables troll the people. they were actually right and not trusting the government in thinking that there is something that is
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corrupt. daniel don't steinberg show the public spotlight he's going to stay in the shade although in actual fact he's just as much a godfather of the wiki leaks project as julian assange g's. yes my name is daniel smith this is julia sons and we're here to make a short presentation about the we can least project what if we don't daniel don't steinberg could be described as co-creator of the internet's most scandalous web site said together he understands took the idea of creating a site where any person can safely post secret information anonymously and made it a reality with the weeks i heard about we can leaks in september two thousand and seven and in november two thousand and seven i first got in touch with julian. he was already working on week and it's at that moment i saw i asked if they needed any help. and started working on a couple of topics john young registered the weekly leaks domain name in late
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december two thousand and six although young had already created something similar to wiki leaks several years before previously he used the cryptome dot org site for publishing classified material secrecy is the biggest. fear of real democracy. critics where your good and so threats true democracy are coming from your side about from the secret people and if they need to be exposed during the first few years of wiki leaks the resource was treated as a project created by the internet fringes we can leaks lives off donations but they were inconsistent at the time and for two years we'll or one and a half years we tried to build up we can exist as a project we published a lot of documents i try to get funding and it was very difficult for us so we have all put in our private funding into the project and try to sustain it but that really didn't work out so well at least not an infinite amount of time.
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this is nuclear shelter you built during the second world war and then modernize during the cold war so we have reconstructed it so the data structures of welcome you know and i will show you the facility this bunker in stockholm was built to protect swedish army personnel from a nuclear attack telltale reminders of its original purpose can be seen all over the place. or digitally this fight was actually in submarines and so they are germans you submarines from the beginning and the alarming case of trouble the alarm starts an alarm is over germany or. today behind a nice thick walls and heavy doors there are services carrying thousands of websites some of them store wiki leaks data.
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this is the cowden of your field is it is still going to be unique sort of a swedish law is provide better protection against attacks on wiki leaks than the bunkers more for its security system they'll only flow through the roof of the coming fire while your most favorite people think it must be. the week to make material there for the wrong. assumption his team and to be very careful about the security of their service after this video was posted on their site traffic for safety. there are. back in two thousand and seven american army servicemen were caught on camera shooting dead a reuters reporter and his driver in a baghdad suburb after they mistook them from terrorists to three years after the
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tragedy when he leads published the video sparking a massive international right now. and shows you errors in the internal the additional mechanisms the united states north and it shows you that reports about what it was insurgent was not an insurgent would appear in the media following the events where people were killed cannot be trusted several months later in the summer of two thousand and ten the site and its partner outlets published the afghan dossier was. wiki leaks itself called the afghanistan war diaries they contained eighty thousand on the small to reports about the course of the campaign the zone said they had received declassified information from a man employed at the u.s. department of defense. it covers a six year period of war and ninety two thousand reports and almost every instant serious incident u.s. military wasn't awfully good with a car with
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a number of people killed the soon as the afghan dosia was made public assumption his team soared to instant frame and scathing criticism soon followed the most common accusation was that the names of afghans collaborating with allied troops and details concerning american agents could not be redacted from the reports the taliban were quick to pledge to kill all those who had helped the u.s. army. it was appears that mostly believe me or him where we're looking at fusion seriously. if you don't hold back the thousand reports for for them over here because they have been sort of patient it's just that maybe they can take it for the thrill the approach the white house across their resistance to regulating material or are we published the white house or expect that request. every week once a week we're meeting in this cafe here's the party leadership we've just had
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a half day meetings as well and leadership a little barry has taken over the party to ship. we're wrapping up breakfast and discussing how to move all for the next couple years. swedish internet pirates have no office of their own that's why they meet in this cafe in stockholm the movement has helped wiki leaks greatly by sharing its knowledge on creating a growing network of mirror sites as well as decoding and processing information. when we step in to support wiki leaks in august of last year they will not us know as they are low. they have received aid from thousands and thousands of people so they are not. our aid doesn't make as much difference today as it did know that said however it was still the swiss pirate party then went in and. brought wiki leaks the wiki leaks domain online one that went offline during the hectic week of
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information wars. similar projects have been launched around the world including russia. most people in russia don't speak english that's why we wanted to make wiki leaks documents available to all russians online so we set about spotting records of interest to people living in russia and countries of the commonwealth of independent states such reporters are either fed to translation websites or the people themselves translate them after receiving them via email russian pirates have launched a similar site called leaks a largely mimics water sound has been doing it with the leaks a few leaks have already been made public. and what about the informers will post their reports on the internet site. we will know absolutely nothing about them we see the whole thing as a black box churning out documents from time to time and there's
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a big question though is how are they going to send their stuff. recently in the summer of twenty ten songs got a circle of accredited journalists for wiki leaks these people were supposed to get the news before it would appear on the site if by doing this the sons wanted to secure the leaks and give them greater exposure. the first russian publication to disclose wiki leaks data was the magazine russian reporter of the same time other magazines and newspapers had also received such invitations but decided against getting involved in wiki leaks risky business. at what is clearly the newspapers running a triple race first they may have suspected that they might get involved in somebodies gamble considering that the material had not been properly assessed second they may have had their doubts about how that would affect relations with the us embassy and third they may have been worried by the uncertain prospects of
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relations with the russian leadership of these powerful material which chiefly concerned russia was published on russian journalists in parallel with the site the first weeks or a record number of visitors people were hungry for a sensational scoop conditions by showing them frankly when we saw the first set of documents sense in response to our request we didn't know how we should go about them at first glance many of them were unlikely to arouse interest you have to read them very carefully to find something anywhere near a scoop i think some in old eons had been looking forward to wild stories about u.f.o.'s or people devouring children when they found nothing of the kind so they simply turned away from us you know for after the publication of the afghan dossier we can lease web site and its founder a song and become the world. from a news makers the australian spent most of his spare time travelling giving interviews and taking part in different seminars with those words julian again
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welcome to stockholm and the floor is yours because. it's unlikely that julian a song speaking before the journalists at this seminar and so on call could a full scene that in a few months he would be in jail nor would have imagined that his close companions would desert him although there's a visit to the swedish capital would lead to his downfall. plan. we'll. bring you the latest in science and technology from around russia. we've got the future covered.
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lead. by august twenty ten july in a song to become the world's most popular media figure the wiki leaks founder savor the glory of being alone find it under so loud disarray to the world superpower all attempts by the us authorities to launch a prosecution against mr saunders proved unsuccessful and wiki leaks founder had tried to be legally irreproachable until he decided to attend a seminar in stockholm and august twenty ten. investigators would later establish then during his visit to sweden mr songs met two young women. he spent the night with both of them a short while later both young women accused the wiki leaks founder of sexual
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assault. they went to the police. i merily to discuss with the police to tell the police what we have been through and get vice water we do and when they tell their stories both of them separately from each other and they tell the stories to the police the police officer realized they're telling a story concerning a crime. according to daniel don't show it begs a son has always had a weakness for women we were at a conference and would have passed and he told a lot of people at our conference that he has children on every continent. swedish authorities put the songs on the international wanted list by which time the wiki leaks founder had landed in britain many describe the criminal prosecution against him as politically motivated swedish lawyers claim that it was a routine criminal case. it's nonsense it has nothing whatsoever to do with the
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with leaks actually my two clients are very much in favor of the links that's why they were attending the seminar or the lecture from seoul and they still are for it is unfortunately a rather common case of sexual abuse we have these cases all over again in sweden great britain everywhere in the world and this is a case like any other with the difference that the suspected person happens to be your songs. at the same time tensions inside the wiki leaks team rose to the surface songes friend and colleague daniel don't feel like berg said he could no longer work with them he withdrew from the project along with many others. thought i really very sorry to see the project winding up the problem is that julian is intent on cracking down on any dissenters as a matter of fact now he's one of the kind of people that we've been trying to
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oppose so i quit at the right moment after that negative trend had emerged within the wiki leaks team. aside from ideological differences bergen a song also had a personal conflict when berg introduced her sons to his future wife sandra disapproved of his choice. i fell in love quite immediately and i told you in as my friend about the only thing he had to recommend was that i should try to find as much on her as i can get so that if she is me something in my hands against him. that was a really weird recommendation but the loss of half of his team was not the most serious consequence of the split for a son's much more important was an archive of three thousand unpublished secret materials which bergen the other defectors took away with them for bag this data is a form of insurance. daniel had all the reason in the world to fear assume it was
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enraged by his betrayal persona should even threatened his former friend. he wants that if i were to ever put him in danger. it would hunt me down and kill me. and he even repeated that threat a couple of times while it's others that asked him. on december the first twenty ten into polish and a warrant for a soldier's arrest a week later the wiki leaks chief voluntarily showed up at a police station where they arrested him a week later he was released on bail and the criminal charges against him were never dropped. but thank you. to all the people around the world. to me. what i see while being away. shortly after he was bailed a song shocked the world with
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a statement that it was now the turn for the banks to share their secrets to announce the publication on wiki leaks of huge volumes of information on private accounts in swiss banks on january the seventeenth two thousand and eleven a former employee of the julius by a bank and go film publicly handed over to us and to this with information on personal bank accounts but i want you to know look at the weekly budget if again if. in order to. have it investigate it and making a decision on it. yet works as a journalist for the financial times specializing in the subject of bank information faffed investigated the two thousand and seven purchase by the german government of disks with information from anonymous sources on german citizens hiding their money abroad. there were seven hundred or seven hundred seventy german
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names on it someone had to go to court all of them had to pay money back in the year two thousand and eight the german state court because of this and the more than run billion of europe that. the method proved to be effective even depositors whose names were not on the desk field possible criminal prosecution thousands of germans who preferred not to wait for a subpoena paid their taxes. in twenty ten angela merkel's government once again purchased from anonymous sources another disk with similar information on deposits of german citizens in swiss banks it helped her to return almost two billion euros to the state treasury many consider these tax stories to be a direct consequence of the wiki leaks effect. that look pretty comparable because on the one side the people or sell that are to us or lots of
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money for millions of money on the other side you have wiki leaks and so this is not a profit so there are people who their intention is different exposures in the bank secrets subsequently transformed wiki leaks into a completely nontransparent organization in financial terms but songs is the only person who knows everything about the whereabouts of the huge donations made to the organization. but there were other money trails where no one know actually other than julian where it came from and what it was used for and i think as a just natural if you're working in the team or maybe five to ten people at that time there's no need to have secrets you know at least it feels like that. when you asked someone what's happening to the money in australia and how much money is there really and the person tells you or you don't have to know. after his rift with his knowledge bird wrote a book titled inside wiki leaks and launched his own website called openly good
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bedside is different he will operate according to the black box principle the website will receive material from anonymous informers but will dispatch them to traditional media outlets for further publication it will be impossible to enter the website and read the information first hand everything is simple and transparent bed wants to ditch spy schemes publish it and the self advertising which is so on seems to like so much this image as well collusion or create because it characterizes. our. somewhere between. where you don't off information and the james bond of modern times and this is very appealing this is what people think they should. but this is exactly one of the reasons why we left the project because it has become more about
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this all. and the actual information. of ministration was introduced at all universities in china zero after the revolution so students didn't have time to attend classes in the first weeks following the coup that they were too busy debating how to protect the progress made in the january revolution. though to free to over evolution he didn't succeed in all its goals. we are pretty busy and steep but thinking but this isn't being every day about the new government had me and we will make our business. it's just it's huge and it's a good evolution. each of the students took part in the overthrow of the ben ali regime and many of them took to the streets after they had read information on
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corruption scrupulously accumulated on the website kunal eeks. you can see that when early in the regime of. the first victim. of this often gets asked about and his friend an assistant some event or the ones who had prepared the ground for that revolution they like to walk in the old port town of bizet pirates and use it as a stopping place hundreds of years ago the junior leagues founders likened themselves to such pirates of centuries past. more pilots but. worse for. freedom for transparency and so for human rights and for democracy both internet activists agree that julian assange invented a truly effective method of influencing real politics via the internet is it proof maybe it was. the leaks that have been published by. by would
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play the role of we don't know we cannot maybe. it was but it does help. and come and load it is instead of about the corruption of the family and close member of the family sure we. are not far distant and. a hard to hide certain things. later that same day the streets of community has swelled with crowds of people again. but this time around they were not protesting it was a celebration in egypt president hosni mubarak could be forced to step down under the pressure from millions of people another internet revolution had achieved its goal the revolution is you know on the the rosenschein is here has already swept
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across several countries and it's anyone's guess who shows it may reach in the near future. it.
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